I don’t get people

Today I saw a bizarre occurrence on the subway that involved this guy being shared by two girls. Safe to say, the whole thing baffled me, mostly because I didn’t understand it. That’s a lie. I sorta did, it was more I didn’t understand why? Why would these girls want this? It’s just one of the things that I see people doing and I am flabbergasted on the skewed logic behind it. Here’s a list of a few of the more common ones (Some, I am guilty of I admit. I’ll put a * next to those ones and a ** to the ones I REALLY am guilty of)
  1.  Girls who get into fights over a guy that’s playing them both

Uhh.. what are you doing. If anything, you are both the victims and he’s the jerk. You should team up against him. The other girl is probably the person who can Identify with how you’re feeling the most.

2  Not wanting strangers to think you’re weird. *

You know what I mean. You’re in public and with someone who’s loud, or you’re being loud or you’re with someone in a compromising position, or you’re in that position, or you just doing something unusual. So what if these random people you are never gonna meet again see you like this

3.   Going to the mall for no reason *

You’re not buying anything, doing anything. Just killing time. WHY??

4. Checking your phone even though you KNOW you have no new texts, notifications, etc *

I promise I have friends.

5.       Swear  ALL THE TIME

Ok, I get swearing, like I’m not a super prude who gets offended easily. However, when 2 out of 3 words outta your mouth should be censored… just stop. You don’t sound cool, or older or whatever. You actually just sound like a moron. An illiterate, ignorant idiot (like the alliteration there?) Just stop and buy a dictionary… or a thesaurus.

6.       Slow readers

Let me clarify, slow readers that are over the age of 14. Some people in  high school cannot read. The education system has failed them. No, actually it hasn’t because SOME OF US ACTUALLY CAN READ HIGHER THAT A 5th GRADE LEVEL. So you have failed you. Pick up a book too

7.       10-12 year old who date

What are you doing with your life. First of all, you were born in the 21st century, your argument for dating is invalid. Second of all, you’ve not even gone through puberty yet (or just starting, whatever). Third of all, what are you gonna do? Have your mum drive you to the park so you can play on the swings together? And lastly, you were born in the 21st century, your argument for dating is invalid

8.       Get emotionally invested in fictional characters **

They don’t exist! WHY DO WE CARE SO MUCH!!!

9.       Yelling at the TV **

Another one that makes no logical sense. Why do we think our voice will somehow change the scene on the TV that was shot months ago?

110.   On again, off again couples.
Each couple (if their only dating) should be allot only ONE break up period. If you have broken up more than once, it’s a sign the relationship isn’t working.  OK
111.   Hating on celebrities
You may hate the bebs, or 1D, or Miley Cyrus or whatever. But do they care? No. And even if they did, they have their money to dry their tears. What I don’t understand is people who go on Youtube or whatever and write a comment about how much the person sucks. Like, honestly, do you have a life.  If I don’t like a singer, and I KNOW I DON’T, I won’t go searching for their video. Even if I ended up on it, I would probably just leave… maybe at the ABSOLUTE MOST dislike it. But write a 20pg essay of a comment of why it sucks?

112.   Listening to other people’s conversation **
You know when you accidentally eavesdrop but now can’t stop because the conversation is just to interesting (HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU BUT STILL). I’m so guilty of that. What’s worse is when you want to interject but these are strangers and they’ll think…. (oh back to number 2)
113.   People who make everything about race
I’m not talking about racists, I’m talking about people who feel the need to blame everything or relate events or actions back to their race or other peoples race and…well, maybe I am talking about racists
There are so many more I could go through but I won’t because I’m tired and also, I’ve blanked out. Expect a part 2 eventually. Anyway, hope you guys have a great March Break!!

Song of the Post: “Ordinary Day” by Emily Mover

Quote of the Post: “If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.” -Tom Peters