21 Struggles Of Being A Laid Back Person (But Actually Being Really Intense)

Thought Catalog

1. You completely identify with Ingrid Michaelson’s Keep Breathing lyrics, “I want to change the world instead I sleep.” You want to change the world and you feel passionate about it and get fired up and start working on your next project.

2. But then, you know, naps happen. And sleeping and reading, and you don’t want to get everyone around you worked up and raged to support your latest great idea. (Even though it really is great and you’ll work on it tomorrow, probably.)

3. You get super offended by something and rage to yourself for a good, solid five minutes, talking to yourself and pretending like you’re about to do something really crazy to change the situation

4. And the next moment, you start laughing cause you’re like, “Wow, this isn’t even a big deal at all.”

5. When you feel extremely passionate about something, you try to…

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