Quantity over Quality

The song “Wrecking ball” is something everyone’s taking about. Scratch that, the video is what everyone’s talking about. Well, I guess, any publicity is good publicity. Miley must be ecstatic that her video now has the most views on YouTube in a 24hr period.

How do I feel about the video? I’m disappointed with it, but not for the reason you may think. I get what the video is supposed to be, I really do. The literal portrayal of the wrecking ball, the symbol of the hammer as someone she loves but destroys her, her nudity to represent vulnerability. All of that, I understand.

It’s supposed to be artistic and I would have actually enjoyed… if it had been done right. The song was instead over sexualized in all the wrong ways (not to say that there is a “right” way to over sexualize). As I watched and analyzed the video, it kinda broke my heart a little. The parts that I think the video was well done were the headshots of Miley where you really see the emotion on her face and also towards the end when she’s like lying on the ground or against the wall broken.

However, the director had to go and spoil the complete core of the song by making it anything but family friendly. Parts such as ones when she’s on the wrecking ball, or when she was rolling on the ground in her underwear (and let us not forget the innaproriate interactions with the hammer) were unnessesary. Actually, I should rephrase that, they would have been appropriate and the symbolism would have shined through, but it didn’t. Why? Becauese the her face and body language is portrayed as seductive not as a person singing about being so completely in love with someone that they have the power to wreck you world.

What makes me even more sad is that it actually is a good song. The emotions of it are powerful and relatable but the video takes that away from it. The average person who listens to the song just thinks of Miley Cyrus naked on a wrecking ball not  Miley Cyrus singing about something obviously personal to herself. It’s sad that as a musician, Miley would do her heart a  disadvantaged like that, and let’s not lie, the VMA performance didn’t help it credibility. Now, no one will take her and her music seriously; instead, it will be reduced to memes on the internet

That’s the problem with Hollywood. It’s so preoccupied with ratings, views, and demographics, it destroys art. It’s quantity over quality with it. It is this paradigm that destroyed art. And now hip hop is reduced to cheap gangsta rap lyrics. Now we have no more  original movies, now all sitcoms are just the same jokes recycled and all your favourite T.V. shows are cancelled after the  first season.

That is why art is dead

Song of the post: “Nuisance” by John Reuben and Matt Thiessan
Quote of the post: Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. -Steve Jobs